This blog was started as a way to work through the grief of losing my baby March 9, 2011. I found reading stories of other women comforting while I've been going through this and hope that I can help anyone else experiencing the same thing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Well Another positive OPK. This isn't looking good. CD 15 is the latest O has occurred according to my fertility friend cycle statistics. So if it doesn't happen today then I'm really off in terms of when I ovulate and my luteal phase. My temp was 97.9 today and 97.6 yesterday so not even enough of a jump to assume that O occurred yesterday. So hopefully today is O day and tomorrow is 1DPO with a clear temp rise. I hate to say this, but I'm tired of feeling forced to BD you know? So I guess we should probably BD again tonight and probably tomorrow just to make sure. I was hoping we were off the hook after last night. Although this all may be in vain anyway because 4 days of OPK is not a great sign. I checked a few sites and it sounds like your body prepares to O and then something happens and it doesn't so it just keeps trying. Out of the months I've been using OPK (maybe 6 months?) I've never had this happen before. I usually get one or two clear positives and then a negative. Oh well nothing I can do except keep BDing.

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  1. My BFP cycle I had 4 days of positives and we inseminated 4 times. I was freaked out by the number of positive OPKs but it was for a reason obviously.

    Hopefully one of these baby dances will be the one!